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TeamViewer is easy to use a popular tool for desktop sharing. Once your friends and relatives know about your computer, it is all over. They will ask for help with very different technologies on the basis of this, as if you stay, free services and support to customers .Luckily can rely on TeamViewer 6 to lend a hand. TeamViewer lets you gain access to areas of your friends, relatives, and customers, in the blink of an eye. What’s more, it does not require knowledge of a subject on the remote control, making it very easy to use .a bit like Online Desktop Presenter, all you have to do is run TeamViewer and ask someone to run properly. When you start TeamViewer get the number of meetings and unique password, you can use your other computers. This means TeamViewer can be used to put the computer remotely and let others put in case you need assistance, remote viewing is also addition to the remote desktop as if you were sitting in front of it, you also can take advantage of this program. With built-in file chat tool to transfer, the possibility of recording sessions and other TeamViewer is a stripped down version of the paid application and therefore lacks some special modules and work .. However, it is also very useful when you need to solve a system of remote or shows a different approach to certain computer work .TeamViewer excellent desktop tool allows you to remotely manage the system in such a way that they are safe and do not require a lot of knowledge on the subject.

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