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Networks economic crisis in China, which has one person in a TV show from the door blew and silver, Felis Bruno Wall Street. But when the command field of high technology, who mysteriously crash, the investor is wrong with the gate, its crew and live in the air, creating Ace hostages fifth Fenn. On the walls, doors and Fenni I have to find a way to free the soul this time with a lot of money at the same time to reveal the truth defects.

Real-time, high-stakes thriller Money Monster, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and the gates of the military star, so that the diameter of the fifth producer of TV Lee, who was infuriated when the explosive is an investor who has lost everything (John OConnell) put your hands on the; While other TV shows live on millions Lee Patti are so want to solve the mystery of the conspiracy behind the heart of today’s fast, technologically advanced world markets.

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