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Release Notes:

Year of release: 2007

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1 Person

Developer: 2K Boston and 2K Australia

Publisher: 2K Games

Publication Type: Repacks

Games Language: Russian | narrow

Sound language: Russian | narrow

Crack: spider91

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista

Processor: GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Video: 128 MB RAM

Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX

free space on the hard drive: GB

Game info:

Events long awaited innovative “smart shooter” is used in the excitement – in the water

city ​​of the future, where, in the 1940s, supposedly settled people, opened

magical substance. Taking the even used in small doses, people to go

through a series of rapid mutations and eyes are faster, stronger,

smarter. On a day genetic experiments have led to disaster: intelligent machines

stop work, burn the system of artificial climate, and the overall

the urban population, the sun suddenly lost his mind. In this crazy world,

Players have complete freedom of action. He has the right to decide on the style

passing game, choose spetsumeniya long list and replace them immediately,

and also one of the many ways to destroy the enemy. As a weapon you can

uses to change an object as his own body. A fascinating story and innovative

the game adds great graphics and clever artificial intelligence.

Features of the game:

More than a dozen fantastic opportunities to take the main character, change your

His body using special substances – plasmids: for example, the possibility

Lightning from shooting his fingers and releasing a swarm of hornets from the veins.

Submission own goals and objectives of the game in the world: the reprogrammed enemy bots

spies, bodyguards, prices in automata is amended as magic,

and machine-gun tower into a heap of metal.

Changing weapons, as well as their own skills and abilities can be a

special stations located in the city, here you can find a plasmid, dispose of trash

found in the way.

If become weapons the same that: an object, the body of the hero, fire, water and

opponents, you subtle machinations that can be used on one another.

Package Features:

Army Of Two

This version of the game –

Not cut / included

Possibility to select a combination of text and voice

Chance unnecessary voice-overs loading

(- Russia | – Bahasa Inggeris)

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